Why Contribute

Life in a small town is a blessing as we are involved in the lives of our friends and neighbors. We come to know each other for the first time over the fence or at the post office. We see their kids playing in the yard next door, or at the ball field with our children or grandchildren. We see the little ones as they walk to school for the first time. We may see them in the homecoming parade or when they’re getting their pictures taken in the yard all dressed up for prom. We are a part of their daily lives and they are a part of ours.

Built By the People For the People.

Lockhart Field is the essence of this, community. Built by the People For the People. It’s a place where many of us have grown up. The first place you were a teammate in T-ball, or the place you first saw your future spouse. Where we learned how to be a leader, or how to be a mentor. The place where we cheered those neighbors and friends to victory or offered a shoulder when things didn’t turn out. It’s something different to each of us but at the heart of it, it’s home.

Contributing to Love Lockhart Field gives us the ability to ensure that those moments we have treasured can be there for those who follow us. It helps provide a fertile environment for young people to learn, grow and become the future leaders of our community. It’s a way to leave a legacy, to show love of community, to continue making a difference. Built by the People for the People, Love Lockhart Field.